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Our Vision

To drive community growth and ecological sustainability through innovative agricultural initiatives.
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Our Mission

A world where collective action and social responsibility shape a brighter future. Women empowerment by supporting rural livelihoods.
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Our Values

  • Serve
  • Sustain
  • Survive

Our Focus areas:

HEAL - Health, Environment, Agriculture, Lifestyle

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Promoting physical and mental well-being with eco‑friendly health initiatives.
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Championing green solutions for long-lasting environmental health.
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Sowing seeds of change with eco-efficient, sustainable agricultural practices.
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Inspiring lifestyle changes towards eco-conscious living and social responsibility.
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Diverse Minds United for a Sustainable India


Spreading Desi Cow Awareness

Our chapters host informative events to promote the significance of Desi Cows. We collaborate with subject matter experts and often hold these gatherings in goushalas or in partnership with like-minded organizations.
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Children and volunteers of GoPals with a desi calf.
Volunteers of GoPals in planting activity.

Collaborating for Sustainable Impact

Our success relies on a robust partner network, working with corporates through CSR initiatives and collaborating with Goushalas and NGOs like SayTrees, Meipporul, for sustainable projects in India.
Our Team

Natural Cow-Based Farming Cooperatives

At GoPals, we value farmers' vital role in our economy. We work with them to promote cooperative, natural cow-based farming in villages, fostering sustainable growth for both the land and the nation.
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Image of farmers ploughing with desi cows.

Our Impact

Desi cows in the shed at GoPals.
Infrastructure and Facilities
  • Bore wells in SAC adopted villages (Kodumudi, Valliyur, Ravana Samudram): 4
  • Drinking water facility (tank) for cows in Bategera village, Kalaburagi: Provided for all village farmers
  • Karnataka - Fodder bank support in Sedam taluk: 20 farmers benefitted
  • Organic input centers in Gulbarga district: 7 centers established
A volunteer taking care of a desi cow.
Ethno Veterinary Programs
  • Farmers benefitted through Ethno veterinary practice sessions and programs: 350+
Desi cows near the feeding tank.
Infrastructure Support
  • Shed and fencing support in Kalaburagi, Kodumudi & Ravana Samudram for farmers - 5
Milk products from desi cows.
Goumaya Products
  • Supported farmers in making Goumaya products in adopted villages:
    Vibhuti, lamps, Sustainable Gomaya Ganesha, Cow Dung Cakes, Key Chains and Dhoop.
Volunteers of GoPals.
Insurance Support
  • Insurance support for cow herds in TN: 70+ farmers benefitted
Image of a group of Desi calves.
Yearly Honorarium for Cow Herds Conserving the local Breeds
  • Honorarium provided for farmers in all adopted villages: <Total Amount Disbursed >
Visitors at GoPals.
Environmental Impact
  • Saplings planted in goshalas and villages: 30,000+
  • Focus on native saplings and sustainability
Children and volunteers in desi activities.
Educational Initiatives
  • Alternative to chemical-free farming book availability: Kannada, English, Hindi
  • Book Republished in Kannada: 4th republication
  • Book available across 130+ libraries in Karnataka
Products from desi cows on display.
Events and Workshops
  • Physical events and workshops: Approximately 200
  • Online events: 100+
Desi cows in the shed.
My cow campaign
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Support A Cowherd at just Rs. 10/day

Your contribution supports the creation of fodder banks, infrastructure development, and the livelihood of dedicated cow caregivers.
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Become a Volunteer

If you like to serve Desi Cow, learn importance of application of gomaya products and create awareness about Desi Cows towards holistic living in people then become a volunteer.
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Female volunteers of GoPals with a calf.
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Gopals Adopted Farmers

An infographic image shows the list of GoPal's adopted farmers and their contacts.
An infographic image shows another list of Gopals adopted farmersand their contacts.
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what our partners, participants and volunteers say

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We strive to reconnect people with their roots, fostering a deep understanding of traditional practices and the invaluable role of Desi Cows in promoting eco-friendly living.
Image of a desi cow.

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