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Walk2HEAL 2024 Quiz

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1. Bargur cows are native to which Indian hill range?
2. Cow dung is traditionally used in India for:
3. Which of the following breeds is renowned for its resistance to drought?
4. Which of the following statement is incorrect about cattle grazing?
5. Panchagavya is a mixture of five cow products, which includes all EXCEPT:
6. According to the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, which Indian states have adopted Natural farming. Order from highest to lowest adoption
7. The Gir breed of cows originates from which Indian state?
8. Benefits of zero budget natural farming using cow-products (cow urine, dung) from our indigenous cows?
9. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the animal waste on this planet produces around what percentage of methane, which is the main source of biogas
10. Which of the following statements is correct?
11. According to the US Patents related to cow urine which of the following medicinal properties are present in cow urine
12. Though chemical fertilizers increase crop production, due to their overuse which of the following happens
a) Air pollution
b) Water pollution
c) GreenHouse gas emissions
d) Hardened soil
12. Though chemical fertilizers increase crop production, due to their overuse which of the following happens<br> a) Air pollution<br> b) Water pollution<br> c) GreenHouse gas emissions<br> d) Hardened soil
13. According to the Miraculous Benefits of Cow Urine from Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics which of the following is curable with cow urine
14. The practice of using cow dung to coat the floors and walls of homes is believed to:
15. Cow urine therapy is known as:
16. Which of the following schemes is a component to improve Soil Health and support and promote Organic Farming
17. Which of the below is not one of the values of Gopals
18. In WALK2HEAL, 4K walkathon by team Gopals what does HEAL stand for
19. Which of the following are goals of Gopals
20. With Respect to Team Gopals what does SAC Mean

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We strive to reconnect people with their roots, fostering a deep understanding of traditional practices and the invaluable role of Desi Cows in promoting eco-friendly living.
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