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Join Our Cause: Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone

Flexible Weekend Volunteering
Dedicate a few hours on weekends, perfect for busy professionals and students.
Event-Specific Participation
Engage in special events, offering your time for specific causes and initiatives.
Midweek Volunteering Opportunity
Contribute several hours during weekdays, ideal for homemakers and retired individuals.
Remote Skill Contribution
Utilize your unique talents like graphic design, web development, or content creation to support us from afar in tasks such as digital content creation and administrative support.
Intensive Student Internships
College students can immerse themselves in month-long or semester-long volunteering, gaining in-depth social sector experience, with certification and expense reimbursement.
Expertise Volunteering
Professionals like doctors, lawyers, and accountants can contribute their specialized skills for community betterment.

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Have interest in volunteering for desi cows and bring in a change in the environment around you ?


We constantly look forward to work with people who are like minded and would want to pursue our cause of creating an environment for desi cows to thrive.
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Keen interest in learning about desi cows, their application to our daily life
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Willingness to create an eco friendly environment for a better living conditions
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Have interest in creating sustainable living and enhance the economy of our rural community


Look forward for our event calendar and register for an event nearest to you.
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Would you like to Volunteer. If so how Physical or Virtual
Do you have any creative ideas you have for making products using Gomaya?
Do you have contacts or know location where such events can be conducted for Awareness?
Would you like to subscribe for monthly membership. 150 Rs per month (5 rs per day) which is used to support our cause

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We strive to reconnect people with their roots, fostering a deep understanding of traditional practices and the invaluable role of Desi Cows in promoting eco-friendly living.
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