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Nattu Mattu Pongal

Published by: WeGopals Team
January 12, 2020

On the auspicious occasion of Mattu Pongal, GoPals conducted its “Nattu Mattu Pongal (With Desi Pasu)” event at the Goshala, Adambakkam, Chennai. This event was to spread awareness about Indian native Cows and panchgavya(its benefits).

Activity :

GoPals is centered around the conservation of environment and sustainable living by creating awareness about various organic farming practices and Desi Indian Cows which is the backbone of Indian farming.

Event was attended by around 40 people with full enthusiasm before Sankranthi/Pongal and Mattu Pongal . GoPals tries to spread awareness Native Indian breed Cows, organic lifestyle and how they could safeguard sustainable living culture and support green environment. The event included activities like connecting everyone to native cows the privilege which not everyone would have had, introduction to native cow breed cows, cleaning the Goushala.

Time Duration and Event Details :

Event Date: 12.01.20
Event Timing: Morning 8.30 AM to Noon 12:30 PM
Event Location: Goshala, Adambakkam, Chennai

  • Goshala cleaning
  • Pongal Preparation
  • Simple introduction about Chief Guests
  • Significance of Pasu and Panchgavya by Dr.Niranjan K Verma, MD(Panchgavya), MD(Cell)
  • Question answer session

Speech by Chief Guest about importance Pasu(not cow as informed by him not call our Goumatha cow instead use Pasu). He said about medical value of Komiyam and Sanam, which used as base for many of his products

Highlights of speech :

  • Paper bag made of sanam.
  • Shampoo, Perfume, ear drops…. Which he has used to treat several patients
  • When consuming the Gou medicine its importance to avoid Non-Veg food
  • 20 days Course he takes for to create more Gou entrepreneurs and Product owners
  • Also informed how Tamil Nadu able to maintain 12-different native breeds across India(in which many state have lost many native breeds) reason – Jallikattu

Summary :

The feedback from the volunteers was very positive and they felt lucky to have had chance to engage with mother nature and feel the energy of Desi Indian Cows. Volunteers learned about native Indian breeds of cattle, traditional and organic farming practices.

A Pandit who used to drink Panchgavya as part of rituals , came to know its medical values and was delighted to follow the customs with more knowledge on it.

Most importantly, there are a lot of ways every individual can contribute to our mission to save native cows in their own ways and easiest way is by Volunteering with Team GoPals.

If you feel any of your friends, relatives and family members may have missed this event and could benefit from it, then we would suggest them to join and support us as the saying goes “Its better late than never”.

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