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Unnodu Oru Naal - Coimbatore

Published by: WeGopals Team
April 9, 2024

Commencement of the event:

The most awaited event of the desi-cow lovers residing in and around the 'Manchester of South India'- Unnodu Oru Naal made a marvellous kick-off around 7.30 AM, Sunday amidst the serene picturesque location of 'Gokulam Gaushala', Nanjundapuram, Coimbatore. Keen activists who had registered for the event in advance began assembling at the right time with signs of interest and anxiety in their eyes.

A clean Gaushala drive:

The foremost activity of the event was to clean a part of the Gaushala. The fact that, "Keeping Gaushalas clean is a very significant part of
cow care" was instilled in the minds of the participants. The GoPals' volunteers began with scraping off the Gaumaya stuck onto the concrete floors of the cowshed. The participants soon joined hands with the volunteers in the cleaning drive. Despite being given scrapers, the participants very well loved removing the Gaumaya with bare hands.They seemed to be aware about the fact that Gaumaya is capable of killing germs and bacteria and healing wounds.

Feeding time of the cow pals:

After ensuring a clean Gaushala shed, the volunteers unloaded bunches of bananas and sacks of water melons to be offered to the cow pals. The participants had a memorable time feeding the entire cow population in the Gaushala. The calves wandering around enjoyed relishing the fruit treat too. Watching them munch the fruits with their tiny mouths was adorable.

Selfie time:

The toddlers and children amidst the participants had fun time posing with baby calves for memorable snaps. This resembled baby Krishna himself cuddling the cows.

Time to be fed!

It was 9AM and high time for the participants to feed themselves. Breakfast with an aromatic vegetable kichadi and coconut chutney followed by hot tea was served. The participants were offered Panchakavya needs a special mention. It seemed like many consumed Panchakavya for the very first time.The volunteers educated the participants about the hidden magic in Panchakavya- it’s ability to clean and strengthen our gut.

Prayer time:

After an appetising breakfast, the participants gathered in the Gaushala shed for a Gau Pooja. Chanting holy mantras over Gaumata for the welfare of our nation, our desi cows and people’s well-being made the environment a divine one indeed.

Gaumaya products in the making:

The participants assembled in a hall around 10.30AM where a few other volunteer friends introduced themselves and shared their experiences on their venture with the GoPal’s. Following which Mr.-------- took the session to an interesting level. He taught the eager participants, how to make Gaumaya products like diyas, keychains and Ganesh idols which could also be used as mosquito repellents. A few activities among the crowd enjoyed trying their hands on the activity.

Under the tree education:

The last session of the day was organised under a huge tamarind tree where Ganesh Karthik- a GoPals’ volunteer took the lead. He presented his research on various vast subjects including our nation’s rich resources of the past, early traditional practices, India’s proud culture, special features of our desi cows, their bonding with man and many forgotten stories and traditions.

The Valediction:

The event came to an end with a few feedback from the participants, some words of honour to the amazing crew of the GoPals’ and the big-hearted people behind Gokulam Gaushala. After which, the participants exchanged contacts, collected their compliments - a Tamil calendar, departed making the day an unforgettable one for all those who lived through it.

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