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Vriksham - Coimbatore

Published by: WeGopals Team
January 2, 2020

Event Objective :

Initiated the Gopal’s Coimbatore chapter to create awareness about the native cow breeds and protect them in their respective locality.

Nature of Activity :

GoPal’s enthusiastic volunteers and registered participants of the event “I Love, I Care, I Serve – Native Cows” conducted by GoPals org. The Org’s objective is to spread awareness about various native Indian breed Cows, organic lifestyle and traditional farming practices for sustainable living. GoPals event will include activities like cleaning of the Goushala, knowledge session on Indian native Cows and it’s applications on our lifestyle practices.

Date and Time Duration of Day 1 Programme :

Event Date : November 1st, Friday
Event Timing : Morning 6:30 am to 3:00 pm
Event Location : Kodumudi and Muthur Visit
Directions : Google Maps Location

Brief Event Details:

At Kodumudi: All participants from Bengaluru and Chennai arrived at the kodumudi junction by 5am in the morning. At early morning all took part in the Kodumudi Pasumadam Cleaning work along the managing people. Othuvar family explained about the traditions of local cow and its relation to the kodumudi temple. After that all were made to refreshment and made to have their breakfast which was prepared by the othuvar family. Professor R. Vadivel sir visited the pasumath and he shared his experience on panchakavya and its different functionalities. Participants were surprised about the experiences which Dr. Vadivel sir shared and then to took them to his friend Dr. Natarajan of Kodumudi who treats people with Arc and Panchagavya based medicines for all kinds of aliments. Dr. Natarajan shared this experimentations on Panchagavya and its significances with various types on both health care and for agriculture purposes as well. Then all visited to Professor Vadivel Sir home near muthur where all were given refreshments and he showed how to make viboothy with pure native cow dung and also the preparations for native cow ghee. Participants were very happy and were ready to take forward the message of native cows enhanced utilities. Professor Vadivel sir also promised to take part as a guest of the day for upcoming event in Bengaluru of Team GoPals in Jan, 2020. Then participants took the journey to Sethumadai. All reached sethumadai at 7pm.

Date and Time Duration of Day 2 Programme :

Event Date : November 2nd and 3rd 2019, Saturday & Sunday
Event Timing : Morning 7:30 am to 8:00 pm
Event Location : Iyal thottam, Mannam, Sethumadai and Coimbatore
Directions : Google Maps Location

Brief Event Details:

  • 7:30 AM to 8:40 AM – Breakfast
  • 8:45 AM to 09:45 AM – Cleaning of Goushala
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Planted 50 saplings in the Sethumadai Government School by giving 1 sapling each to the school kids, teachers and supporting staffs.
  • 12:15 AM to 01:45 PM – A session on Sustainability & Indian Perspective with River Basins was part of the discussion with the participants by Ganesh Karthick
  • 01:45 PM to 02:45 PM – Lunch
  • 03.00 PM to 05:00 PM – Experience with Natural Stream
  • 05.15 PM to 07.00 PM – Local Traditional Folk Beats
  • 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM – Dinner

Event Preparation & Execution :

Event at Sethumadai: Around 40+ native cow lovers which includes 50 children participated for the “Vriksham” event of Go Pals along with Meipporul Organization. The Tree Plantation drive was carried out at the school premises where each student is given a sapling which suits the locality to plant inside the school premises. The Volunteers from Go Pals and Children actively participated in the drive and students were made to commit themselves as green ambassadors and to take care and nurture the saplings. Lunch was served to each volunteer. Discussion on Sustainability with narrative from Indian Perspective was part of the discussion. All participated with open minds and discussions was taken into measures of steps for sustainable progress. Participants were taken to farm tour and tractor ride was arranged to Natural Stream and were made to take bath inside the farm premises.

Next Day morning participants were made to visit the store at Coimbatore and Meipporul team explained about the process involved in the running the Store which supports Locally Grown. Natural Lunch was served to the participants and all participants purchased our store associated produces and then all facilitated to the junction to catch the train to Bengaluru.

A glimpse of the event :

Photos and memories of the event can be seen in the album shared below.

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