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SAC Updates 2021 (Jan 2021-June 2021)

Published by: WeGopals Team
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September 17, 2021

Support A Cowherd (SAC) Half yearly Report – 2021

The year 2021 started with a vision of adding more villages as beneficiaries to the Support A Cowherd (SAC) initiative. So far we have had three beneficiaries and they are 1) Valliyur in Tirunelveli district (TN), 2) Kodumudi in Karur district (TN) and 3) Sedam, Gulbarga district (Karnataka). 

With tremendous support received from our patrons we are hopeful to add more villages to the fold of SAC. With the foundation work done in the past years in terms of setting up infrastructures like water resources and other capital expenses, this year our focus would be on the following

  • Serving people who serve our cows and bulls in the villages
  • Help creating fodder bank for the following summer
  • Spread our reach to other villages focusing on desi breed cows and bulls

With the support that we have received so far, we have achieved the following:

  1. Funded a nominal sum of Rs 54,000 to each of the above three villages for people who work towards the upkeep of the cows and bulls. This is to support their daily needs partially and make them committed to the cause.


  1. Created an additional infrastructure of common water storage at Sedam village for the cows and bulls to drink water from. We would like to thank the village heads and others who agreed to give a piece of land to get this accomplished.
  1. As part of SAC initiative, Fodder distributed to the farmers who are rearing native cows and bulls in Batagera village in Sedam in April 2021 (beginning of the Summer). below are the some of the glimpses:



  1. Team GoPals in its effort to spread its wings, we have started Gou Wellness Campaign -2021 

to collect data from different goshalas/villages/Individuals who rear cows for Agriculture purposes in places where we have our chapters and volunteers. The data collected is strictly for basic analysis to equip ourselves towards addressing some/all of the challenges faced in preserving native cows and not for any other purpose.


 Gou Wellness Survey Link:


We plan to help these deserving people with your support. This is more significant considering the fact that we are reeling under an unprecedented pandemic. 


If you would like to be part of the noble cause, please add your contribution to the good work.

Support A Cowherd Link (SAC):

Also, please feel free to write to us for any suggestions or just to be in touch with us by writing to


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